Exclusive Apartments and Villas
for your stay and holiday in Lucca

Hello Everybody! 

My name is Debora Del Sonno and I was born here in Lucca in 1969! I grew up and always lived in Lucca. Lucca has been my home ever since. After graduating in Business & Economics and a long experience in my family company (coffee industry), I've been happily running my Real Estate Agency for almost 15 years.

I am an experienced, professional, fully licensed, organized and friendly real estate agent.

What does it mean? It means that if you are looking for a place to rent - or to buy - in Lucca or surroundings you are at the right place at the right time and I am the right person for you to deal with!



What ever you are looking for, long or short, for life or just for an experience I will be very pleased to help you. I offer a 360 degrees assistance to people like you who want to set a “base” in Lucca. I have properties for rent inside Lucca’s walls, outside Lucca’s Walls and also in the beautiful countryside surrounding Lucca’s historic centre.

If you don’t have time to scroll down the list simply send me an email to tell me what you are looking for. It’s much easier, belive me! It is not so immediate to understand from photos and description how a property exactly is. It’s much better if you talk to me. So I can claer your mind and answer all your question. Before your doubts and concerns are solved before you find your place to rent.



From the beginning my Agency has always dealt with foreigners. I started with holiday and short-term but in the last few years that things have changed a lot I had to open my Agency to long-term also and now I do this with the same passion, the same entusiasm which I have always used in my job.

Almost 15 years of experience in real-estate-for-foreginers and my deep knowledge of the area - don’t forget that I am a real local born and lived in Lucca - allow me to offer you a concrete real and autentic professional tailored rental service.

Dealing with foreigners for a so long time taugh me to understand what you really need. Now I know that that different countries means different cultures and therefore differents needs and different must-be. Now I perfectly know what an American is looking for versus an Australian or an English.  

Also I am very proud to say that the service I offer is not automated nor virtual. Probably it is a little bit old style but it’s made of meetings, visits, people who exist, who talk to you, who personally meet you, who stay in touch with you.

Finally for my customers I try to discover the best places in the area, the best people, the best recommendations. I try to work with not overinflated properties to offer you a real cultural experience and not only a touristic spot where to sleep or spend some time.



It’s very important for you to know that I personally select all my properties. I perfecty know all my owners and I have a real co-operation with them. The owner and I work together to offer our tenants the most comfortable stay.

Before choosing a property I always and deeply study it. It can even happen I spend one/two full days (including night) in the flat just to understand what the real pros & cons are to improve main weakness and underline main strengths. This “daily life” experience in the flat and  my deep knowledge of Lucca make me able to give you a real advice and honest suggestions based on a real knowledge. 

Any kind of information you may need will be taken accurately care and nothing is left to the case.



I take care of your rental as it was mine. I do my best to make your time in Lucca as pleasant and as troubles-free as possible. I wish that everything runs smoothly!

The less problems you have, the less problems I have.

I offer you a very personalized service from the beginning when you are still planning your dates, to your last day in Lucca (if it will happen). You will be never left alone during your stay (unless you wish it!) I am usually always available with a full-optional assistance from “problems solving” to simple “questions answering”.



I personally take all the pictures you see at my website by my old Nikon D80 and I am not a professional photographer. So be prepared: when you arrive the property you have rented will be  at least the same - but usually it’s better than expected. I am so happy when I hear you find things being over any expectations. That’s my main aim. I made my job as I should!

I strongly think that photos must be very nice but not too much nice. Sure they don’t have to be nicer than reality otherwise when you arrive you are disappointed. And in order to avoid your disappointment I take pictures of the apartment/houses in its normality without making any special setting for the shotting. Yes, maybe some flowers and probably I shot in a very sunny day but nothing more…



I do everything in accordance with Italian laws. So I am afraid you have to be ready to sign papers and papers and papers. But that’s good. Latins said “Verba Volant, Scripta manent”. I strongly agree with them. Whatever Agency you will choose and even in the case you’ll deal directly with the owner I strongly invite you to claim to have a regular contract. Everything goes always well but you never know in life.



All the properties I deal with are Self-Catering. What does it mean?

It means that the so-called “hotel services” are not included: you rent properties without any staff, no breakfast, no maid during your stay. You have just rented to have a home-away-from home. So it is exactely like at home: care, cleaning and maintenance of the house is your due and in your charge.



I hard work to let you have a troubles-free renting-experience in Lucca, whatever is the reason and the property you rent.  In order to have everything working smoothly you have always to keep in mind that all these properties are a “mix” of local traditions and owners personal taste. The result is something which may be different from your taste and culture. Please accept cultural, architectural and technological differences as main factor of cultural enhancement. That’s the experience.

Also kindness, good manners, respect and patience usually solve the problem. Everything can happen but at the same time everything - most of the times- can be solved.

Being patience, relaxed and smiling always helps.


Thank YOU!!

I wish to thank all my customers: past, current and potential future rentors!  Also a huge thank those continue staying in touch by years returning and trusting my agency. My Real Estate agency has evolved thank to these relationships. 

All this long time spent dealing with so many travellers from all over the word taugh me a lot.  I have been in contact with the most peculiar, the most extravagant and unusual even ridiculous requests. Most of the times I’ve met wonderful and warm people who I’ve learnt a lot from…!

As of today, I can define my being-a-real-estate-agent in Lucca as an exciting, thrilling cultural exchange.  So, thank you all!